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Big brother's watching. ...but he's complaining that it's too hard to eavesdrop these days.

As a result - the Obama Administration - planning to submit a bill next year - requiring all communication services to be technically capable of IMMEDIATELY complying with a wiretap order.

 "What it means is that the Obama Administration wants to ensure that the new technologies - as you indicated - skype or texting or facebook - that if they get an order either from a judge or from the administration itself - because the foreign intelligence surveillance act allows in certain cases for the Executive to order people to produce this information without a warrant - that's called a warrantless search - that they'd be able to comply with that immediately."

That was Lt. Col Jeff Addicott - Former Green Beret and director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University speaking with Rich at WOKV.

What are some of the concerns and legal implications that may come up with this plan?

"Well I guess there are many concerns and in the big picture - it's the struggle between our civil liberties and increased security, ultimately. How much security are we willing to want, and how much civil liberties are we willing to give up."

As it stands now - the law doesn't apply to service providers like "peer to peer" messaging services.

Buzzing right along...

School... Reading, writing, 'rithmetic... and advertisements?

In an attempt for many school districts to close budget gaps - more and more schools are taking up the idea of advertising on lockers, walls, buses and lunch tables as a means to generate revenue.

"Here's what's scary about that. Who decides what ads and what companies and what products appear in the hallways and on the lockers and on the floors of your kids school? And my fear is that - what's to prevent condom ad - or Planned Parenthood or something - so now you start getting into values decisions - and you start going - well - isn't this the parents decision as to what their kids are exposed to as opposed to teachers or administrators."

Ethics Analyst Vince Crew - speaking with Jamie Allman at KFTK.

Currently - advertisements include Welch's Grape Jelly, and ads encouraging students to watch Nikelodeon - some schools have even gone so far as to sell the naming rights of their school auditoriums!

We'll have to watch where this story goes...

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