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Florida may very well become the first state in the country to put a ban on... Chocolate milk?

Really? What's so bad about chocolate milk?

That was the question posed of Nutrition specialist and expert Joan Ifland - of Mike Miller at WIMA.

 "Chocolate milk combines caffeine, high fructose corn syrup and dairy. And when you combine those ingredients you get heightened addictive properties to the milk. It's very caloric, addictive, and of course we know that our children are being really set up for child - for obesity - for lifelong obesity when they use these high calorie products. Chocolate milk is a very bad thing."

The Florida State Board of Education voting Tuesday to remove all sugary drinks in schools. INCLUDING soda and ...chocolate milk.

The school is considering allowing only three drink options for students - water - 100 percent juice and plain low fat milk. Though high school students will be allowed diet sodas and other low calorie drinks.

Buzzing right along...

Republicans rolling out the "Pledge to America" - which was formally unveiled yesterday.

"I think in some ways - it is a shout out to the tea party. It was disaffected with the Republican Party - because of the acceleration of government spending under President Bush. This is a call to arms to reverse that - to get the budget back on track by reducing the spending - and getting it on the path to balance - in a number of years. This is mostly a fiscal restraint package."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum speaking with Kevin at KIDO.

The pledge includes tax cuts, a repeal and replace of healthcare reform, a roll back of other federal regulations and capping runaway domestic spending and cutting congressional operations.

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