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Democrats are turning their pre Election Day focus to the tea party.

"Democrats are nervous, of course, about November - and think that there may be a way for them to stem their losses a little bit... by painting establishment republicans as extremists - as sort of this far right wing of the party."

That was Jim O'Sullivan - Chief Analyst for the National Journals Congress Daily - who spoke to many of our Fox affiliates this morning.

With Midterm elections around the corner - and Democrats running scared - will we see an all out war against the tea party this fall?  Will it be an all out war this fall?

Reports speculate that Obama advisors are contemplating just that - though The White House denies such reports.  

Buzzing right along...

The recession is OVER????

That - according to a new report from a committee within the National Bureau of Economic Research.

David Selig - Tax Practitioner and Partner of NY Selig & Associates spent some time this morning with Fred and Pam at WHBC.

"My concern with this is - it seems to be an incredible coincidence - that you have the present administration wishing to increase taxes and allow the so called Bush Tax Cuts to expire but then under some pressure they say but in deference to the economy we'll wait until the recession turns around - low and behold they announce there is no more recession - everything's great. So my biggest concern is that the government intends to raise taxes."

The report was based on payrolls, employment and retail numbers - as well as other economic indicators.

So - is it coincidental timing - or is the longest recession since World War II actually over?

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