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A Massachusetts school district - in HOT WATER.

After a class field trip in May found a group of students praying Muslim prayers while visiting a Boston - area mosque.

Do the parents have a case if they decide to sue?

"Not a real strong one -because it was an isolated incident - it didn't last too long.... It was just a fluke, basically."

NY Attorney Tanya Gendelman speaking with Gary and Scott at KFAB.

Since the May incident - the school district has apologized to the outraged parents.

Buzzing right along...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - adding a program to the Defense Authorization Bill - which would allow legal citizenship status granted of those young people who join the military or attend college.

"It's purely a political stunt. Everybody knows it's a political stunt. Which raises the question - if everybody knows what he's doing - and it's a giant kabuki dance - why is he doing it? And I think it's just because Harry Reid can't think of anything else to do."

That was Senior Research fellow in the area of Defense and Homeland Security at the Heritage Foundation - James Carafano speaking with Kevin at KIDO.

Republicans say the so called DREAM act needlessly politicizes the blueprint for military spending.

And people just can't stop buzzing about the Palin factor!

She's on a roll... from political endorsements, a new cable TV show starting in November... all the way to Iowa.

With all the momentum - will she make a run for President in 2012?

"I think that she made clear in her public statements that she's much more serious about considering a run for President. And certainly speaking before the Ronald Regan dinner in Des Moines Friday night is a leading indicator of how serious she is."

FOX News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum speaking with Rich at WOKV in Jacksonville.

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