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Is the tea party movement tearing the GOP apart?

"When establishment candidates lose - they seem to run and take their ball and try and go home. And we're seeing that right now in Alaska - with Lisa Murkowski - sitting senator - appointed by her father to the seat; 1 - 1 election - was running for a full term - and she lost in a primary to Joe Miller. Well, now she's considering running a write in campaign. We're seeing Mike Castle refuses to endorse Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. We saw the same thing happen in Utah when Mike Lee won the caucus in Utah. Senator Bennett was not very willing to roll in behind and help out. It's shocking and it's really something that shouldn't be tolerated."

That was Brian Darling - Director of US Senate Relations at the Heritage Foundation - who spoke with many of our Fox stations this morning.

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Are the friendly skies -- safe?

Schizophrenia, attempted suicide, sexual deviance, alcoholism and drug abuse - among the list of serious psychiatric and medical conditions that hundreds of commercial and private US Pilots have been diagnosed and treated for - a herald review has found.

"The FAA Says that they are doing everything that they can possibly do. They check on these pilots - medical tests, psychological tests - once a year if they are under the age of 40 - and if they're over the age of 40 - twice a year."

That was Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere speaking with Amy and Ed at KFBK.

The review - comes after an episode 4 months ago - involving a distraught pilot at Boston's Logan International Airport - in which the pilot threatened to "harm himself in spectacular fashion" an hour before the flights scheduled take off.

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