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Hot twoppic of the moment is Twitter because the site has unveiled a new home page (#newtwitter ) design.  The new layout will feature an enhanced sidebar that displays images, video, and user profile information without leaving your news stream. Media outlets like YouTube, Ustream, and Flickr will be embedded in the sidebar. The goal is to make Twitter a way to get information, not just to tweet. It also makes navigating your news feed easier--they did away with the "more" button, so you can now scroll endlessly down your feed. The new site launched Wednesday but will roll out to users in stages.

Hot twoppic of the day is the Heisman Trophy Trust, which announced that the 2005 Heisman will remain vacated following Reggie Bush's decision to forfeit the award. Reggie decided to give the trophy back after allegations that he improperly accepted gifts while playing for USC, which is against NCAA rules. It was the first time college football's top award was returned by the recipient. @iTouchSOLES tweets reggie bush still deserves the heisman to me , idc if what he did was against ncaa rules , he still performed better than anybody that year

Hot twoppic of the week is the Republican Delaware Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell. The Tea Party candidate scored a huge upset when she defeated nine-term Representative Mike Castle to win the nomination. Her win showed the strength of the Tea Party, and the voter's desire for change in Washington. She will face Democrat Chris Coons in November.

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