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The Primary Results are in! ...with upsets all over the board.

A HUGE upset in Delaware - Representative Mike Castle - beaten out by a political new comer - Christine O'Donnell.

"It was an important victory - and another one for the tea party - and Sarah Palin - who endorsed her."

Fox News Jeff Birnbaum speaking with Gary at KFAB.

In New York, Former Congressman Rick Lazio beaten out by Carl Paladino to face Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in November to take the reins as Governor of the state.

Primaries were also held yesterday Rhode Island, Wisconsin,  New Hampshire and Washington, DC, as we bid adieu to the 2010 primary season.

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Fox News Medical Contributor Dr Manny Alvarez warned:

"We're losing the war on bugs - the over utilization of antibiotics is something that's been said for many many years. Here in the United States - yes we do have check and balances...   Doctors are more careful in just prescribing antibiotics let's say for a viral infection or a common cold and things like that. But outside the United States you can go to a super market and buy yourself a bottle of penicillin without a prescription."

That was Dr Manny speaking with Jamie at KFTK.

The cases all involve people who have recently received medical care in India.

The super bug - has been found in 3 states around the country - and cases seem to be popping up around the world.

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