Tea Party Senate Candidate Joe Miller: We Were Attacked On 9/11 Because We’re Exceptional

Buried at the end of a story about the Alaska Palin/Beck rally is what that state’s tea party/GOP candidate Joe Miller told the crowd, and it was total nonsense.

In his remarks to the Wasilla crowd, Miller said the nation was attacked on Sept. 11 “because we’re American.” He said the U.S. is a threat to its enemies because of its “exceptionalism,” its freedoms and constitutional restraint of government.

“We as a nation have been activated. We’ve been activated through 9/11. We’re now activated in a political sense,” Miller said. “We see a movement across the United States right now that is moving this country in a direction that restores foundations, that restores constitutional principles and makes us proud to be Americans again.”

“Exceptionalism” is a recent buzzword for conservatives.  I’m sure bin Laden was in his cave mumbling to himself about how “exceptional” America is and that it therefore must be attacked.  He was likely also ranting about how America’s “constitutional restraint” was really pissing him off.  Oh, and it’s nice to know that Miller is proud to be an American again. However, Michelle Obama beat him to it.

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