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What exactly is home grown terrorism?

That question - asked of Dr. Dave McIntyre -- VP for Homeland Security at the National Graduate School.

"In the past we've really used it to refer to kind of the knuckle heads that have emerged within the United States - and have kind of always been here. Timothy McVeigh would be an example. As opposed to those that were raised, trained, recruited overseas and sent to the United States to attack for example - the people on 9/11."

A report from a National Security Preparedness Group - says the US is at high risk for homegrown terrorists - now facing the most complex threats since the 9/11 terror attacks.

But - according to McIntyre - in this report - a little different definition emerges:

"This particular report is talking about a little different group. It really focuses almost exclusively on Islamic recruits - and they are people who are recruited here within the United States - many of them American citizens - but long term residents who are recruited by a variety of largely Al Qaeda connected groups overseas."

That was McIntyre - speaking with Joe at WSYR in Syracuse.

The report - warns that we have no federal organization working to prevent terrorist recruitment within the United States.

Buzzing right along...

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency - also known as "ICE" has proposed a new policy.

In the new policy - illegal immigrants - pulled over by police for traffic related offenses can be set free.

"Unfortunately this is actually not a big change. This is a formalization of what had been an informal policy that the administration put in place when they took office. Which was whenever state and locals would call to say hey we got somebody - ICE would say - sorry not gonna come get 'em. Better just let 'em go. So this is formalizing what had been informal in order to thwart Arizona's Senate Bill 1070."

Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation - Homeland Security Expert Matt Mayer - speaking with the folks at WOAI in San Antonio.

Police would be prevented from reporting any identified illegal immigrant - during the course of a traffic related stop or arrest. ... unless involved in an accident involving drugs, alcohol or fleeing the scene.

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