I went on a private home paranormal investigation last Friday night at a gold country home of a California family.

A local team had an opening and asked me to come along and I was trilled to be able to.

The paranormal has always fascinated me and I have been hooked ever since our own personal hauntings started to take place.

So here we were in a home of a confused and frightened family. As cool as the spirit world can be, it can also scare the hell out of you when you don't know why it's happening, etc.

One of the children has seen multiple apparitions in his room. Talk about wanting to sleep with the lights on.

The toddler stares off into corners of the room and goes from peaceful and happy to screaming bloody murder and running in fear.

The family's several dogs all act in bizarre ways. Sometimes they whimper like puppies and refuse to come inside the house, even on the coldest of nights and with great big bowls of food or snacks to entice them.

We were set.

The gear was unpacked and the investigation began.

And...not much happened.

In fact, it was a very "flat" night as we tend to call investigations where not much goes on. Especially in homes or locations where the paranormal activity is said to be high or at least regular and ongoing.

The part you never see on ghost hunting shows on television is the constant WAITING. And WAITING...and MORE WAITING.

Sometimes NOTHING happens.

You sit around, quietly observing, and sometimes there just isn't anything to report.

The spirit world doesn't perform on cue like a circus animal. Ghosts can be as stubborn in death as they were as people in life. If they don't want to do their thing, they just won't. Simple as that.

So several hours later, we concluded the investigation, got in our cars, and headed home. Hours of evidence to be reviewed as soon as possible.

After such a quiet evening, imagine my excitement when I played by the preliminary audio on my speakers on my way home and caught a male voice. It was two or three syllables of an EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are known as spirit voices--voices that are not usually heard by our ears but are picked up by recording equipment.

I have collected hundreds of these voices. I know people in the paranormal world who have collected THOUSANDS over the span of literally decades.

Even Thomas Edison believed the earliest recording equipment could be used to communicate with the dead.

It reassured me that even on the investigations that SEEM uneventful, amazing things can still turn up in evidence review.