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Larry King announced his retirement in June - since his replacement has been a constant source of media speculation. Wednesday, it became official: your hot twoppic of the moment is "America's Got Talent" judge, Piers Morgan, who will take the reins in 2011.  Not all were pleased: @Michael_OMahony tweets I'm not the biggest Larry King fan, but replacing him with Piers Morgan seems a bit like replacing The Fonz with The Situation.

We all remember Will Smith and his musical beginnings...well it appears he has passed his musical gene on to his 9-year old daughter Willow, who just released her first ever single called, "Whip My Hair"... and it's pretty good.  But some are saying nine is a wee bit young to be hitting the radio waves, no matter who your dad is.  @MissSantanaV tweets wow... Willow new song....... wow.....too much for ayoung girl... trying to be too grown already... but i admit i like it..Willow is your hot twoppic of the day.

Hot twoppic of the week is Google Instant, a feature that displays results as soon as you begin to type in your question -- even predicting what you want before you're finished writing. Saying it is "faster than the speed of type," Google is using new systems and new JavaScript to help browsers keep up.

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