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Hot twoppic of the moment is pop star Rihanna, who is back...not that she ever went anywhere. Less than a year after releasing her last album,  she debuted her new single called "Only Girl (In the World)"  off a brand new album, on Ryan Seacrest's show Tuesday.  And she wants to make you dance. The newest CD aptly named "Loud" will hit stores in November.

Hot twoppic of the day is the Google Doodle. On Tuesday,  the Google homepage logo was turned into an interactive Google logo that you can manipulate with your mouse. A set of dynamic colored balls bounce around the screen until your mouse stops, then the balls arrange themselves to form the Google logo. But what has captivated twitter is the motivation - no one knows why the logo was changed, but many are guessing it's a celebration of Google's anniversary. The company was incorporated on September 7, 1998.

Hot twoppic of the week One Less Lonely Boy?  At Justin Bieber's concert Sunday night,  his crew pranked him. When he sang "One Less Lonely Girl" which he usually sings to a female fan pulled from the audience, they had a large man wearing a tiara sitting on stage as his one less lonely boy. The video of the moment went viral, but Justin just  laughed it off. @justinbieber tweeted they got me good 2nite....they got me good. wow. Haha

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