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Hurricane Earl blasted past North Carolina, and continues to make its way up the coast.

From Kill Devil Hills, NC:

"Though the outer bands of Hurricane Earl are really about all we have now. We are experiencing some severe wind gusts. Up to 30 - 50 MPH. Heavy rains as well. Sometimes like a horizontal here at the beach. In our hotel, the siding has completely been ripped off - and several buildings around here - the siding's been ripped off - and portions of the beach are washed away. And also there's some flooding in low lying areas here in Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills."

That was Fox's Jeff Monosso who was very busy this morning speaking with many of our stations.

Now - New England bracing for impact, as Earl swirls its way up the coast....

"Here on Cape Cod - it's literally the calm before the storm. It's a beautiful morning. A red sky at morning, so the sailors ARE taking warning. But no sign of it yet. When it gets here it'll be about 70 miles off the Cape. 35-45 mile an hour sustained winds. Gusts maybe 65 - 70. Enough for some concern, but not outright panic."

Fox's Rich Johnson with affiliate KOA in Denver.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.