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Hot twoppic of the moment - another oil rig explosion in the Gulf. The platform, owned by Houston based Mariner Energy is about 100 miles south of Vermilion Bay on the central Louisiana coast. All thirteen workers on the rig survived. FOX News Radio's Jill Nado has more.

Hot twoppic of the day: one of the oldest Paris fashion houses, Lanvin, who will design a collection this fall for the clothing chain H & M. The label's creative director said the line will be "...H & M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public." People can have their first look at the collection on Nov. 2nd on - you can buy the clothes starting Nov. 23rd.

Hot twoppic of the week is renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who argues in his upcoming book, The Grand Design that the universe didn't need divine inspiration to come into being. He writes "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing." Many tweeted their disagreement but @oriharakaoru tweeted lol, I love how it's soooooo surprising that StephenHawking doesn't think the universe was created by god. >90% of scientists are atheists.

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