Show Topics for 9-2-10

We Know! Outgoing Chief of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors Christina Romer just told a throng at the National Press Club that the economy is in the toilet, the stimulus didn't really work and the White House has no clue how to fix it. Plus, the Sun rose this morning. Gibson examines.

Narratives! The Obama Media is actually mad at President Obama for not calling President Bush a War Criminal during his Tuesday Night Oval Office "Iraq" speech. During these various Post Speech discussions, the Obama Media accented the topic with their two perfunctory absolutes; namely, the Iraq War shouldn't have been fought and the Troops "died for nothing." Gibson asks Lt. Col. Oliver North and John Bolton if that's true. Plus: Is John Bolton running for President?

Plus: "Ladies Night" ruled legal, Afghans not thrilled with Obama Speech and Palin in Iowa.