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An entire cable network held hostage yesterday - in Maryland.

At the Discovery Channel Networks headquarters in Silver Spring.

Joe Key - a retired Police Lieutenant with the Baltimore Police department - spoke with Lana and JP at KTRH in Houston.

They wanted to know - could this situation have been averted?

"I haven't seen anything at this point - now they may show something - but I haven't seen anything at this point that would have indicated that someone should have been watching him or actually very concerned about him."

The man - upset over the network's programming. He walked into the building at about 1p with a handgun and several canisters strapped to his body.

Police shot and killed him - after he pointed a gun at a hostage.

Buzzing up the Northeastern coast - Hurricane Earl:

It's on its way - barreling along the eastern seaboard - expected to hit land on Labor Day weekend.

"I'm in Kill Devil Hills - I'm on the water - right now. It's choppy - no doubt. It's cloudy now. The wind has significantly picked up - about 15 - 20 now sustained out of the east. It's a great day to fly a kite. Today's going to be pretty nice weather until about sunset."

That was Jason Golden of the American Red Cross, from Kill Devil Hills, NC.

North Carolina is expected to receive the brunt of the storm.  

Golden spent some time talking to Chip at KOGO in San Diego - and urged one very important thing:

"People need to pay attention to the authorities. Just like on the west coast - where you guys are dealing with wildfires. If they say GET OUT - GET OUT. And we really really believe that that's what they need to do."

According to Golden - the Red Cross is launching for the first time - the national shelter system - at - where all of their shelters will be posted - people can find out locations of available Red Cross shelters for those victimized by the storm.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.