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During the World Cup in South Africa, we all remember this.... the beautiful sound of the vuvuzela. The horn, a symbol of the African culture, was ubiquitous at the games.  Some found it annoying, others liked the distinctive buzz.  But now, the  Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has banned vuvuzelas from all European Championship and Champions League matches to protect Europe's football culture and tradition saying that "the atmosphere at matches would be changed" by.

Have you ever wondered just how a museum gets all their stuff? Hot twoppic of the day  is the hashtag #askacurator, a worldwide question and answer session on Twitter which lets the public ask questions to museum and gallery curators around the world. Over 340 museums are participating - to find out which, go to, and select a country -- the participating museums will be listed. To follow the questions being asked, simply search #askacurator.

Hot twoppic of the week is former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair whose new memoir will be in stores on Thursday. Entitled, A Journey: My Political Life, the book is already causing quite a stir. Excerpts have revealed he thinks invading Iraq was the right decision, that he admires Former President George W. Bush as "a true idealist," and that he spoke to Princess Diana a month before her death concerned about her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Blair plans to donate the proceeds from the book to a charity for injured troops.

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