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Hot twoppic of the moment is Sydney Dalton. The name of a teen girl who posted a video on YouTube of her and her friends ripping Justin Bieber posters off her wall, and Bieber fans are MAD. Apparently Sydney was obsessed with Bieber, met him, and then needed to get over him. The video made her a target on Twitter for Bieber fans who now hate her. Their hate catapulted her to the number one trending topic in the world --but it also concerned adults who believe this brings a whole new meaning to cyber bullying. @GregggGaGa tweets some perspective Sydney Dalton met JB unfairly. But last time I checked, threatening to kill her + calling her disgusting names makes you the worse person.

Hot twoppic of the day is Hurricane Earl - with many Eastern seaboard resident wondering --where will he go? Some want to prepare for the storm - others are concerned it will mess up their Labor Day weekend. FOX News Chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth. But if it jogs to the right,   FEMA may call for evacuations on the eastern seaboard.

Hot twoppic of the week is Google's new feature it launched in Gmail on Tuesday -- called Priority Inbox -- a system that sifts through your daily incoming mail and picks out messages you're likely to deem important. It's the anti -spam filter -- instead of looking for keywords that mark unwanted mail it  looks for signals that a mail is especially valuable and puts those at the top of your inbox.

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