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In one Mississippi public middle school - if you want to run for a position as a class officer - well - whether you can or can't depends on your RACE!


That was the question asked of Colin Sharkey - Director of National Projects at the Association of American Educators - by Gayle at KCOL - who said she found the story to be mind boggling:

"Your reaction I think is just about everybody's. They check their calendar wondering what decade we're in when they hear about a policy like this."

The memo going home with students to parents just days before the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

The middle school - according to the memo - allows only white students to run for 8th grade class president though black students are permitted to run for Vice President.

In 7th grade - only whites can run for both President AND Vice President, and in 6th grade - well... black students can run for class reporter.

...Following an outpouring of outrage - the school quickly repealed the policy. 

Buzzing right along:

In California - a federal court says it's completely OK for law enforcement to secretly place a GPS device on a person's car - WITHOUT SEEKING A WARRANT!

"I think the tension is around - you know - people want aggressive law enforcement. Nobody wants drugs - nobodies in favor of drugs - I'm certainly not. I think the question is - how do you balance that against what people think is their reasonable expectation of privacy."

That was Philadelphia based Privacy Law Attorney Scott Vernick speaking with Dan at WOC.

Supporters of the decision say the ruling is no more intrusive than any other means of surveillance.

We'll have to watch how this story plays out - and if it heads up the legal ladder for a higher courts decision on the matter.

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