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Hot twoppic of the moment -- little monsters have taken over twitter with the meme  #becauseofgaga. Pop sensation Lady Gaga's fans are tweeting things that have happened in their life because of Lady Gaga. @ClockworkAnge tweets #becauseofgaga People are finally starting to dress as though we are from the future. Where's my hoverboard? And @ MilesVillalobos tweets  #becauseofgaga I am strong, I have confidence and I love myself for who I am. @LadyGaga herself took notice of the trend, and tweeted I just saw that #becauseofgaga was #1 TT on Twitter. So darling thank u! #Becauseoflittlemonsters I am brave.

Hot twoppic of the day is Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who had a big speech on Friday in Wyoming. Bernanke acknowledged the current economic slowdown but said that the Fed is ready to do what it takes to help the economy weather the storm.  But on Twitter, most did not seem to share Bernanke's optimism. @PeteThePlanner tweets Bernanke: Fed ready to act if economy falters. This doesn't quite make me feel better.

Hot twoppic of the week is the horror movie opening this weekend, The Last Exorcism.  Some film analysts are predicting the scary movie will take the number one spot at the weekend box office... But  on Twitter there  were concerned tweets that the movie may not be scary enough. @mermaid22951 tweets I was excitd 2 c "the last exorcism" cuz i love scary movies.. until i saw that its rated pg-13. That means it must be weak..

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