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For inspection and repair lapses that were flagged in April of 2008. With fines totaling 24.2 million dollars!

"Usually you can probably count on about 1/3 of the fine being reduced through negotiations and so on. But it's a pretty big chunk of change that American Airlines will be forced to pay over to the FAA, and rightfully so."

That was Airline Security Expert Charles Slepian, who spent some time this morning with Amy and Ed at KFBK.

The airline at the time of the findings disputed them - claiming the issues were minor and never endangered passengers - calling the actions of the FAA unwarranted.

Buzzing on... all the way out to Easton PA:

Where a new student yearbook - features a quote from Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler!

"The quote has drawn very fierce criticism from parents and administrators who question how those words ever got published - you know - in the context of pictures of the kids."

Former Prosecutor Robin Bond talking to Joe at WSYR in Syracuse.

The quote reads: "And in the last analysis, success is what matters."

Amidst all the outrage - the school's Principal claims the quote was inadvertently placed on the page.

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