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THEY'RE NUMBER ONE!.... The CIA - naming al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula of Yemen - the biggest threat to US Security.

"The report that you mentioned from the CIA about Yemen - points to a bigger problem. It points to the fact that we can have success against Al Qaeda in Iraq or in Afghanistan or Pakistan - but they are very adaptive - and they will pop up someplace else. It's like stepping on a cockroach - they're gonna surface somewhere else - and that's what's happened with  Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - they've become more and more resourceful - they've become more of a threat - as we've been focusing on what's been going on particularly in Pakistan."

That was Former Covert CIA Operations Officer - Mike Baker - speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

The volume of CIA operations in Yemen is expected to grow as a result of the news. And DESPITE Yemeni government objections... we could see more drone strikes in the area.

Buzzing right along:

Does Sarah Palin have that magic touch?

Based on Tuesday's primary results it certainly seems that way.

Is it REALLY SARAH PALIN? Or were the conditions JUST right for those candidates she endorsed - to pull out a win with or without her endorsement?

That was the question posed to Sean Trende a Political Analyst with Real Clear Politics.

"You know - she has had a real effect on a lot of these races. In South Carolina - Nikki Haley - was at 4th place in the polls until Palin came in and endorsed her and kind of pulled her ahead. And even in Georgia - where she didn't come thru - Karen Handel - had been languishing in the polls and ended up making the runoff - almost defeating a Congressman - so she's definitely having an effect on all these races."

That was Trende speaking with Gary Saddlemyer at KFAB.

Palin backed five candidates in Arizona, Florida and Alaska - and they ALL won!

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.