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...Another round of primaries done. With voters hitting the polls in states like Arizona and Florida.

Did the results bode well for the "TEA PARTY"?

That was what Jeff Katz of WXKS in Boston wanted to know of Jeff Birnbaum, Fox News Political Analyst.

"This is a year where not one thing is going to prevail. It is an anti incumbent year - but not all incumbents are going to lose - we'll just see more incumbents than usual losing. There's also a very strong anti Democratic Party trend - but then again there's also a big trend to people with lots of money winning."

In Arizona - Senator John McCain beat out tea party backed candidate JD Hayworth for the nomination to run on the ticket in November for Senate. And in Florida, millionaire Rick Scott beat his better-known opponent in the fight for the GOP nomination for Governor.

The Buzz Goes On:

House Minority Leader John Boehner called for the resignation of President Obama's ENTIRE economic team.

Boehner even going so far as to attack the Presidents "Job Killing Agenda"...

Will the President take heed to Boehner's warnings?

"If Congress goes ahead with the President's plan - we're going face a steep economic cost. We're going to be raising taxes on the job creating class - small businesses and investors. We can't be afford to be foregoing any jobs right now - but if we raise taxes - we're going to forego a lot of them."

That was Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Curtis Dubay - speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

Dubay went on to say that it's highly unlikely that the President will reverse 3 years worth of economic policy work.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.