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A nail salon in Georgia - charged an extra 5 dollars to a customer for being obese...

40 year old Michelle Fonville says she was "Humiliated" and reduced to tears.

"Being fat is not a legally protected class. Race, national origin, religion, disability, age, those things are. But for whatever the reason - legislatures have not - as of yet - decided that overweight people will be protected as a class - except under the ADA which is very very limited. But essentially - being overweight - you can be discriminated against - and it may not be nice, and it may not be right - but that's the law."

That was Clint David - attorney with David, Goodman and Madole - speaking with Bob at WTVN.

The salon refunded the woman her 5 dollars, but told her not to come back again, because of her weight.

Fonville is considering suing.

Buzzing right along:

A middle school football coach - near Nashville - fired - for writing a song criticizing President Obama.

According to parents - the school found  the lyrics to be derogatory to the President.

Last year - a school teacher made the news for writing a pro Obama song - and having her class sing it.

Double standard? That's what Jim and Gary of WSBA wanted to know of Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

"I think the concern is that in fact you've got some school districts that actually sing praises to President Obama - here you've got a guy that was canned because he wrote a song that had some negative things to say about him."

The superintendent of the school disputes the notion that was the reason for Glovers firing - though he declined to comment as to why exactly the firing took place.

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