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It  probably came in the form a divorce settlement with a whole lot of zeros attached. Although the details of Elin Nordegren's divorce from pro golfer Tiger Woods were not disclosed, we know the couple will share custody of their two small children. The divorce is the conclusion to the saga that started nine months ago when Tiger crashed his Escalade into a tree late one night, and from there unraveled the revelations that he was unfaithful. Despite a public apology and treatment,  Woods lost millions in endorsement deals and now, his wife, making Elin your hot twoppic of the moment.

Hot twoppic of the day is LA Laker, Kobe Bryant who turned 32 on Monday.

Cheers greeted the news that all the 33 Chilean miners were found alive, after being trapped  for 17 days when a copper and gold mine collapsed.  On Sunday a drill reached 2,000 feet into the earth to an emergency shelter where the miners took cover. But the miners may be down there for up to four months while a tunnel is drilled to get them out. Roxana Gomez , the daughter of a trapped miner, reacts to the news. The celebratory tweets in Spanish made Mineros Vivos, or Miners Alive, your hot twoppic of the week.

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