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The fight heats up over the proposed construction of a mosque and Islamic center in the shadow of the 911 terror attacks.

Parties on both sides of the aisle rallied FOR AND AGAINST it Sunday.


"The problem with those that want to support the building of this mosque - whether you're a muslim or a non muslim is that you're using your freedom to destroy freedom. We certainly understand that everyone has a right to religious freedom in this country - but they've got to realize that this is the site where 3,000 people were incinerated in the name of Islam."

That was Director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University, Lt. Col Jeff Addicott - speaking with Helen Glover at WHJJ.

Among those protesting against the Mosque were blue collar workers taking a "HARDHAT PLEDGE" - promising to NOT take part in the construction of the mosque.

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Vice President Joe Biden is predicting that voters in November will REJECT a "Republican Tea Party" of extreme candidates...

Is he right? That was the question asked of Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum by Sergio at KURV.


"He's trying to give rank and file democrats a reason to show up at the polls."

With politicians on both sides running scared - with the emergence of many popular tea party candidates - only time will tell if Vice President Biden is right... once voters hit the polls in November.

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