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That's what's in store for Roger Clemens.

Indicted for lying to congress - 2 years ago -- about his use of performance enhancing drugs.

Clemens facing 6 counts in total:

"One count of obstruction of congress, three counts of providing false statements to congress, and two counts of perjury."

That was sports attorney and agent Rob Romano - speaking with Tony at WHAS.

Clemens denies all allegations and says that he did not lie.

From baseball to the troop draw down in Iraq - the buzz goes on:               

With the last US Combat brigade withdrawn from Iraq on Wednesday -- Is the end near - for the seven year - five month conflict?

Steve and Rebecca at KXL wanted to know - what happens if things crumble there? Will we send more troops back?

That question - asked of Major Bob Bevelacqua - a retired US Army Green Beret. His answer - NO.

"We're not going to reinvest any more money. And what's really sad is that we've lost thousands of soldiers and sailors and airmen in Iraq. And if the place does falls apart - I hate to say this - but  they really will have died in vain."

 The US still has approximately 52,000 troops in Iraq - with that number being trimmed to 50,000 non combat troops by the end of the month.

The non combat troops will train and assist the Iraqi Military.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.