I have been labeled a menace to public safety for texting my wife a line or two on the way home from work.

Texting is now considered the greatest evil one could partake in while operating a motor vehicle.

But how about these idiots who let their dogs have free reign in their car?!?!

Ummm. Is that really a good idea?? Especially when it's a 100 pound dog trying to sit on your lap while you are driving through the school zone? Or the little yappy dog who loves to nap...right by the gas and brake pedals??

What is WRONG with people??

Restrain your dog for the love of Fido!!

I am not going to buy our dog a fancy restraint. But we ALWAYS tether our dogs on a short leash or, with our puppy, transport her in her small crate.

AAA has done a study, for what it's worth, showing that 60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by their pets. Only 17% use restraints of some sort.

I have never understood the logic--or any joy--in allowing your dog free reign of the car while you are driving.

But then, we aren't ones to load our dogs in the car every time we go to the store or post office, either. Some people just HAVE to take their dogs EVERYWHERE they go.

Then buckle them, tether them, crate them...do SOMETHING.

But don't tell me my texting a sentence is more dangerous than your Irish Setter sitting on your lap in the fast lane.