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Hot twoppic of the moment: for all those who ever wondered how efficient they are on Twitter, enter "Twifficiency,"  a gimmick that calculates your twitter efficiency based on your twitter activity.  The tool became a trending topic, then users complained when they realized their scores were being tweeted without their permission.  The tool was created by savvy 17 year old James Cunningham in the UK, and when he heard the negative feedback, he explained that he never expected it to be used by so many people. But in the end, he is still the winner - the job offers were being tweeted to him almost as fast as the complaints.

Hot twoppic of the day is Indonesia, who quietly celebrated 65 years of independence on Tuesday (#indonesia65).

Hot twoppic of the week continues to be Pakistan where aid is coming slowly but surely after floods devastated the country. About 1500 people have died and about 20 million people have been affected in the worst natural disaster in Pakistan's history. Some are concerned that the country's security could be gravely affected if more international aid does not arrive soon. FOX News Correspondent Jonathan Hunt has more.

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