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Defense Secretary Robert Gates - leaving the Obama administration next year - and will retire.

Is this a surprise?

That's what the crew at WOAI wanted to know.


 "I'm not at all surprised by his decision, but I'm sorry to see him leave - to be honest."

That was US Army Military Analyst Retired Major General Donald E. Edwards.

Gates' decision to not wait until 2012 to retire - he says is because the Presidential election could make it very difficult for his position to be filled.

Buzzing onto the next story...

The debate surrounding plans to build an Islamic Mosque near Ground Zero... rolls on....


 "It's a question of the wisdom and the appropriateness of having a 13 story mosque within - you know - the shadow of what will be the world trade center. And I think - you know - regardless of the debate of the nature of Islam - 911 was an atrocity that was committed in the name of Islam."

That was Sean Trende - a political analyst for speaking with Vic at WRPW.

Yesterday - Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid went AGAINST the President and said he's against the building of the mosque. Stay tuned.... this is a story that could change the game in several elections this fall.....

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.