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The Blagojevich jury deliberations in Chicago roll on...

After 12 days of deliberating the jury has decided on JUST 2 COUNTS!!!!

"It could be - in a few days that they come back and say - your Honor - we have reached a verdict on a number of counts. We of course, have considered the remaining counts, but try as we might, we just can't get a decision. And at that point the Judge - if the Governor is convicted on some of those counts - can decide to revoke bond and proceed to sentencing."

That was Criminal Defense attorney Elizabeth Kelly speaking this morning with WSYR.

The jury has a long ways to go - with 22 verdicts left to decide on... we'll just have to watch and see how long the deliberating process goes. 

And the buzz goes on...

The man - suspected of going on a stabbing spree in at least two states - has been arrested while trying to board a flight to Israel.

"We're learning more about this guy - 33 year old Elias Abuelazam - he's a native to Israel - he was here on a green card in the US. He was actually married for a short time from 2004 - 2007 to a woman that lives in Texas, and has had a few prior run ins with the law."

That was Fox's Jeff Monosso speaking to Steve and Rebecca at KXL in Portland, OR.

Abuelazam is suspected of stabbing 5 people to death, and attacking 13 others.

He is being held in a Fulton County, GA jail, awaiting extradition to Michigan.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.