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Hot twoppic of the moment is Caracol Radio, a radio station in northern Bagota, Colombia's capital,  where a car bomb exploded on Thursday injuring at least nine people - but no deaths were reported.

Hot twoppic of the day is Met's ace closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) who had a long night on Wednesday at Citifield. Reporter John Huddy of WNYW New York, has more. Meanwhile, the Mets have suspended him without pay for two days.

Hot twoppic of the week - you won't have to pretend tonight --  there will be plenty of shooting stars. The annual Perseid meteor shower will be in full effect around 11pm eastern time, and even more spectatcular because it is a moonless sky. To find out the best viewing time where you live, NASA has provided an online tool called the FLUXTIMATOR.  You select the nearest major urban area, viewing conditions, and date, and the graph will adjust itself to give you the peak viewing time at your location and how many "shooting stars" you may be able to see.

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