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Hot twoppic of the moment is the upcoming movie  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  It can best be described as a romantic comedy that is based on a graphic novel, but has the feeling of a video game. Loveable wimp Michael Cera plays the title role, a guitarist who must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil boyfriends to be with her. The movie will be released on Friday the 13th.

Hot twoppic of the day  - new twitter member Kanye West, who finished a track earlier in the day on Wednesday, and then released it on his blog. The song is called See Me Now and features Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, a soul singer and lead vocalist for the Gap Band. Twitter was buzzing with first listens of the song, many digging the old school style track.

Hot twoppic of the week is everyone's favorite flight attendant Steven Slater, who is out of jail! As he left  he was swarmed by photographers and asked to comment. He later said the dramatic exit from his job at Jet Blue, where he cursed out a passenger, inflated the emergency exit slide, grabbed a beer and slide to freedom, was something he always wanted to do. Slater's ex-wife Cynthia Suzanne said her ex would probably still like his job back 20638. Authorities have charged Slater with reckless endangerment. As for the 100 passengers on the plane? They will receive a $100 voucher for future travel on JetBlue.

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