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Is he a HERO? Flight attendant Steven Slater has posted bail...

...after allegedly having a meltdown on board the jet blue flight he was working on.

On the New York bound flight - out of Pittsburgh Slater is accused of cursing out a passenger... ON THE PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM... and that's just the beginning... he then grabbed a beer from the galley - and exited the plane via the emergency slide!

Slater claims to have been hit in the head earlier in the flight with a passengers bag - which fell out of the overhead compartment as a female passenger attempted to place the bag in the overhead. Then, at the end, the same passenger started having words with him.

Should the female passenger be brought up on charges? That's what the folks at WECK in Buffalo asked of Former Prosecutor and Workplace Legal Expert Robin Bond:

"I think the passenger should have been brought up on charges. I mean they've brought other passengers up on charges - which were far more trivial."

Slater is being touted after all this as a "working class hero" by many on the Internet..

Buzzing along...

In the House... Majority Democrats approving a 26 BILLION dollar state jobs bill - protecting 300,000 teachers and other non federal Government workers from election year layoffs.

"It is very hard to look at this and think it's anything other than a payoff to the teachers unions."

That was Neal McCluskey - who's the Associate Director of the CATO Institute's Center for Educational Freedom - speaking with Kevin at KIDO.

How will the bill be paid for? closing a tax loophole used by multinational corporations and reducing food stamp benefits for the poor.

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