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Hot twoppic of the moment is a sad one... A plane crash on Monday in a remote area of Alaska took the life of 86-year-old former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.  He was among five people who died. Alaska Governor Sean Parnell said that Stevens was Alaska. Four others have reportedly survived, including Former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe and his son.

Hot twoppic of the day... there is a new facebook appointed hero, Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater. When a passenger stood up and opened the overhead before the crew gave permission, things got ugly, the offending carryon hitting Slater on the head. Slater asked for an apology...the passenger cursed at him. So Slater cursed out the passenger on the plane's PA System, grabbed a beer, deployed the emergency slide, and left the airport, a pretty effective way if saying "I quit." One facebook page devoted to Slater already has 28,000 fans and counting. But all does not end well. Slater was arrested at his home and faces criminal charges.

Hot twoppic of the week is the Democratic Representative for New York Charlie Rangel, who was hit before the House went to recess with thirteen ethics violations.  The House reconvened on Tuesday and Rangel took the opportunity to opine his innocence to his colleagues for 30 minutes.  He said that he has already paid $2 million in attorney fees, but will not give up. This is @TheKateMalloy and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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