Yes, I can get heated sometimes when I am driving. Commuting on California's congested highways can drive anyone mad.

But I have never gotten so heated that I have engaged in road rage. In my MIND? Sure. In REAL LIFE? Nope.

Unfortunately, it's a reality every day in America.

Somewhere, someone is putting their face or fist into someone else's face or fist.  All over a traffic or driving entanglement.

Here's an incident that happened in Western Pennsylvia over the weekend.

It got a little stinky, to say the least.

Not sure what the fight was over, but one of the drivers took a dirty diaper and smeared it all over the other woman's rear window.

YUCK. Can you BELIEVE this?!?!

She was charged with harassment.

But that isn't enough.

She ought to be made to clean the other woman's rear window with a toothbrush.

Or at the very least, diaper wipes.

Bet that would make her cry like a little baby. And maybe think twice the next time.