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A New Jersey State Appeals Court ruling a couple should NOT regain custody of their three children.

The reason? The Hitler inspired names that they chose for them.

"The parents here are clearly not protecting the child's physical safety. And the state has a responsibility to protect this child from abuse. There's a distinction between names that are unique and names that endanger a kids safety."

That was family therapist Leah Lagos, speaking with Ray, Ted and Joe at WLOB.

The family made headlines earlier this year - when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son - Adolf Hitler Campbell.

As for the other two children... they're named JoyceLynn Arian Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Himmler Campbell.

We'll have to watch and see if the family appeals this case to a higher court.

...buzzing along:

She's IN!

Elana Kagan confirmed to the Supreme Court yesterday.

"Healthcare reform is something that's going to come up. Republicans tried to get her to recuse herself. Another big issue that's going to come up - but is going to take probably a couple of years - but it's going to be this whole Gay Marriage thing out of California. There's going to be plenty for her to work on."

That was Fox's Mike Majchrowitz spending some time with Fred and Pam at WHBC.

Once sworn in - on Saturday - Kagan will be the 112th Justice to serve on the bench - and only the 4th woman.

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