For the first time ever, America is sending a delegation to Hiroshima to commemorate the anniversary of the atomic bomb that was dropped by the Enola Gay.

Brig. General Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. was the pilot of the Enola Gay and died in his nineties in 2007.

Now his son, James, fears that this delegation is a sign of contrition. And one that his late father would have been disappointed with.

And with good reason.


Sorry if that doesn't play well in the halls of liberal academia where our kids are constantly being showcased the perceived horrors committed by America without any context whatsoever. They like leaving out a minor little detail like...PEARL HARBOR. And the atrocities committed by Japanese forces, not just against us, but against the Chinese for example. The Rape of Nanking. Ever read it?? You should. And they never teach kids that we WARNED Japan well before this happened. We gave them a chance to prevent this and they chose not to.

We did what needed to be done.

Yes. We dropped the bombs. We killed thousands of innocents. But we saved the lives of MILLIONS. worked. Imperial Japan was brought to its knees and World War II ended and the GOOD GUYS WON. Do they still teach that?!?!

I hope to GOD that this Administration, already famous for bowing its head in shame instead of raising it in pride, doesn't go as far as an apology of ANY SORT.

We have no reason to apologize. EVER.