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Hot twoppic of the moment...A-RodMichael Kay had the call on the Yes network, as A-Rod sent one into the center field park in the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays. A-Rod becomes the seventh player of all time to hit 600 homers, joining elite company like Babe Ruth, and Sammy  Sosa.

President Obama celebrated his 49th birthday a bit more low key... they sang to him at the White House after the President presented citizens medals to honorees in the East Room. Wednesday night he'll celebrate with friends in Chicago, but no family - the First Lady and Sasha are in Spain, while Malia is at camp, but the President's birthday is your hot twoppic of the day.

Hot twoppic of the week is Proposition 8, which was overturned by a federal judge on Wednesday, saying the ban on same sex marriage violates the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians. Judge Vaughn Walker said the evidence as to why gays could not marry was insufficient. Gay couples gathered outside the courthouse were overjoyed. The Alliance Defense Fund has already started an appeal...most expect the case to end up in the Supreme Court.

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