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A DEADLY shoot-out in Connecticut.

Omar Thorton - was caught red handed.

On video! ... stealing beer from the distribution company that he worked for.

Thorton watched the video in the presence of management and union officials - then signed a letter of resignation and made his way to the door - that's when he pulled out a gun and began to fire.

According to Fox News Radio's JEFF MONOSSO:

"It's eerily quiet here in Manchester - police lines / police tape still surrounds the beer distributor."

That was Monosso - who's on the ground in Manchester, CT - speaking to Amy and Ed at KFBK.

In the end - Thorton left 8 people dead in his path and 2 injured.

... And then he turned the gun on himself.

The man's family says that he was pushed over the edge by racial harassment. Union officials deny these allegations.

...buzzing to the next story:

A chapter of the ACLU in Colorado says the Boy Scouts openly discriminate against gays - as they defend their right to exclude them from membership.

"Because they are seen as anti gay / anti religious beliefs for people who are not big fans of religion - it's just seen as not something that some people want to be involved with. The other problem the Boy Scouts are facing - is they just don't seem to resonate with African American, Asian and Hispanic parents. ...they just don't have those fond memories because they weren't involved themselves."

That was Crisis Communication Counselor and Eagle Scout TJ Walker - speaking to Kevin at KIDO.

In the complaint - sent to the Boulder Valley School district - the ACLU doesn't think that the Boy Scouts should enjoy discounted rates at Boulder's public schools.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.