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A Federal Judge in Virginia - taking a stand in the Health Care reform battle - allowing a suit challenging the constitutionality of the law to move forward in the courts.

Will the case make it to the Supreme Court?

"Anything can be appealed - so one can presume that whoever loses in this district court is going to want to see their day in the appeals court."

That was Hanns Kuttner - a fellow at the Hudson Institute speaking with Mike Miller at WIMA.

The case will continue to move forward - arguments will be heard in mid October.

...buzzing along:

A Chicago man is battling against disorderly conduct charges filed against him - for violating the city's new "Bubble Zone Ordinance."

According to Chicago based Attorney Kelly Saindon:

"The intent of it is to keep individuals that want to protest away from the outside of Planned Parenthood facilities. And they're saying - the law makers that enacted it - are suggesting  that an individual should have a right to choose and walk into these fascilities without being harassed, intimidated, having a pamphlet shoved in their face or having someone speak to them to try to get them to change their decision."

That was Saindon speaking with Vic at WRPW.

According to Saindon - the issue here is more about where the man was standing than the fact that he was praying - as he was blocking the ability of people to enter the building.

We'll see how this case plays out in the courts.

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