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Arizona embattled in litigation over its HOTLY contested Immigration law - which went into PARTIAL effect - last week.

The fight over the law brings to light the importance of the Hispanic vote - especially in this Novembers mid-term election...

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum spoke to Roger Olson at KFAB - who wanted to know how the law is playing out in the view of the Hispanic population in the US. His answer:

"Well, without question - the vast majority of Hispanic voters oppose the AZ law, favor comprehensive immigration. In other words - take the democratic position rather than the republican position. And that has given democrats hope - that what looks to be a very bad year for them in congressional elections - may not be as bad because Hispanics may turn out and vote for democrats rather than republicans in larger numbers."

Only time will tell if the Republican Party will be able to hold onto the Hispanic vote especially in states like California which have a large Hispanic population.

...and that's just the beginning of the buzz:

Former Fox News Channel Anchor Bob Sellers spent his morning criss-crossing the states - speaking with many of our stations... the topic?

His new upcoming book - "Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps into Successes".

"I've talked to quite a few people... a lot of them household names like Jack Welch, Dave Ramsay, Suze Orman - folks like this - who - you know - they weren't always household names. And they've encountered obstacles and made mistakes along the way - and some mistakes are just plain bad - and there are some that turn out well - from the lessons they learned from them - or the opportunities created as a result of them."

...that was Sellers speaking with morning show host Tony Cruise at WHAS.

The book - is available on

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