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Representative Charlie Rangel - former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee - charged with 13 VERY SERIOUS ethics violations.

As it stands now - there will be an ethics trial in September in the House.

Republicans want this trial on TV and in front of the House Ethics committee...


Will there be a plea deal?

That's what some democrats are hoping for... especially in this crucial election year.

"And I think Charlie Rangel himself would like to come to terms - if - the agreement also includes somewhere there - though I don't know how he could do it, actually - immunity from prosecution. I think at 80 years old - the last thing that Charlie Rangel wants - is to go to jail.

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with Rich at WOKV.

Charges against the Congressman include - use of his staff and stationery to raise money for a college center in New York named after him; neglecting to report rental income on a Dominican Republic vacation property; and use of the Congressional free mail privilege to solicit campaign donations.

...buzzing along:

Governor Jan Brewer appealing that temporary block on Arizona's new immigration law - which went into effect yesterday.

"What she's appealing is this temporary hold on the law that was issued Wednesday. But at the same time - then the full court case in Arizona - will go ahead. Because the Judge didn't rule on the whole thing - she just ruled on whether the law should go into effect right then."

That was Mark Krikorian - Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies - speaking with affiliate KFTK.

According to Krikorian - this is just the tip of the iceberg... the case - will likely go on for years - ultimately landing before the Supreme Court.

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