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Southwest airlines....

First - they throw an overweight passenger OFF a flight...


They kick a THIN woman OFF a flight - to make room for an overweight teenager who was in need of 2 seats!

"Southwest could have handled it differently - but I think they're doing the best they can. I mean, they came out and offered an immediate public apology to her - which I think was smart - they took care of her right away instead of waiting."

That was PR Expert Ryan McCormick - from Goldman McCormick Public Relations who spoke to many of our Fox affiliates this morning.

And the buzz goes on:

A federal judge has temporarily blocked the enforcement of the new AZ immigration law which goes into effect today.

What are the police allowed to ask now - with this partial injunction?

That was the question asked of Ted Frank - adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute - and editor of the legal blog point of law dot com.

The answer?

"It's not clear what they can ask - whether they can ask it - when they can't ask it - and when the Judge says it creates problems for the state to act in this area - I think it just opens a gigantic can of worms."

That was Frank speaking with Bill at WTAM in Cleveland.

The provisions of the law that were struck down by the judge include - those that make it a crime not to carry immigration registration papers, and the provision that makes it crime for an illegal immigrant to seek or perform work.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.