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Jennifer Keeton - a  Masters Degree student at Augusta State University - has been vocal inside and out of the classroom that she holds Christian ethical convictions on matters of human sexuality and gender identity.

As a result - the school has told her she'll be dismissed if she doesn't alter her "central religious beliefs on human nature and conduct" in her pursuit for a degree in School Counseling.

"They should just go ahead and give her the degree - and the let the chips fall where they may."

That was Cleveland based Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth Kelly - speaking with Sergio at affiliate KURV.

Keeton has been asked to take part in a remediation plan. If she fails to complete the plan - she'll be expelled from the graduate program the lawsuit claims.

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The Army is on the hunt - announcing yesterday - that it's opening a criminal investigation to find the source of the leaks - releasing some 91,000 documents on the wikileaks website - detailing classified information about the war in Afghanistan.

According to Richard Weitz - Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute - there's a huge problem here...

"The problem is more the process. With modern technology - it's now clear a single alienated person - they got a million people with this kind of secret clearances - can do what this guy did - which was just take a million - potentially - a million documents out of a classified network and just hand them over to the media. And in this case - it doesn't appear to have caused much substantive damage - but - just the implications of that are tremendous."

That was Weitz speaking with Curtis Sliwa at WNYM.

The President is concerned about the leak - but says the documents don't reveal anything more than was already part of the debate over the war.

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