PA Governor Ed Rendell Criticizes Obama For Going On “The View”

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says President Obama should only go on “serious shows” and compares “The View” to “Jerry Springer”. (via TV Newser)

Rendell: I think there’s got to be a little bit of dignity to the presidency.

Mika Brzezinski: What are you saying, Ed?

Willie Geist: What a horrible insult to “The View.”

Rendell: I think there are some shows. I wouldn’t put him on “Jerry Springer,” too, right? … I think the president of the United States has to go on serious shows. And “The View” is, you can make a case that it’s a serious show, but it also rocks and rolls a little bit. I’m not sure he has to go on “The View” to be open to questions.

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