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Cash is tight – for Newark, NJ – with a budget deficit of some 70 billion dollars.

It’s so tight – in fact:

 “We have to cut everything that is not essential.”

Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

…4 day work weeks for non uniformed workers… no use of city pools starting August 2nd and…

EVEN…cutting…. Toilet paper.

A stinky situation… certainly.

The city – says they can save 15 million dollars by adopting these cost cutting measures.

Also buzzing on the airwaves:

Ninety nine days from today – voters will be hitting the polls – for midterm elections.

Generally turn-out for a midterm election is much lower than during a Presidential year – but this year – a lot of folks are fired up – and paying attention…

“Whoever you like – wherever you stand on the spectrum – it’s going to be one interesting November.”

That was Fox’s Rich Johnson speaking with Jim and Gary at affiliate WSBA.

A huge race to keep an eye on – Nevada… as Republican and Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle takes on incumbent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

…with Angle leading in recent polls – President Obama has already made a visit to Nevada to campaign with Reid. Expect him to be popping up on the campaign trail a lot more during the next 99 days.

I’m Jessica Curtis – and that’s your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.