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Ding, dong, ditch... or at least that was the plan...

"Mr. Van Plew came out in his underwear - they were running off - he tackled one of the teens - brought him back into the home - called the police - waited for the police to come - the gentleman said that he felt in danger for the fear of his wife and two children."

That's Clint David -attorney with David, Goodman and Madole - on this morning with affiliate WECK:

The homeowner NOW facing charges for using excessive force against the teen.

The teen - not facing charges - because he is a minor and trespass charges can't brought against him in family court.

Also buzzing today:

Arguments heard yesterday over Arizona's tough new immigration law.

"This case will have a major impact on the ability of state and local governments to do anything about illegal immigration - and it's very important."

That was Jena Baker-McNeil - speaking with the gang at WERC in Birmingham, AL.

Baker-McNeil is a Policy Analyst in the area of Homeland Security for the Heritage Foundation.

She continued:

"You know - I think the federal government has really failed us on immigration - and so you know - states and locals have to be able to do their part."

Stay tuned.... Unless a judge in Arizona rules otherwise.... The law is scheduled to take effect next week.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.