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And now.... It's the law...

"They address a lot of things that weren't problems - and ignored  the big problems - typical Washington."

That was Richard Rahn - Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute and the Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth speaking with Bill at affiliate WTKS.

A HUGE OVERHAUL - ...with the most sweeping of changes in our financial regulatory system since the great depression.

Signed into law yesterday by President Obama.

Columnist for and Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Diana Furtchgott Roth - spoke with Gail at KCOL and echoed the sentiments of Rahn:

"I think basically consumers are being protected out of getting credit from banks - that's the fundamental problem."

Furtchgott Roth - speaking about the included "mortgage provision" of the law - no bank can give a mortgage to someone who can't repay the loan.

Also spinning up some buzz:

DAMAGE CONTROL engaged at the White House.

After forcing Shirley Sherrod - to resign from her position at the Department of Agriculture. Over misconstrued statements about something she did 24 YEARS AGO!

Mark Schannon - Crisis Management Specialist spent some time with Vic at WRPW this morning - and had this to say about the White House's actions:

"They reacted out of fear."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack now apologizing to Sherrod - and offering her another job.

This all - over an out-of-context video released by a conservative blogger - that went viral.

In the clip - Sherrod is speaking at an NAACP event saying she initially didn't give a white farmer all the help she could have to save his farm.

BUT... in the full context of the video - it's clear that she was sharing the incident to show how she learned from her mistakes.  It looks like some others need to do some learning as well....

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.