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Hot twoppic of the moment is Shirley Sherrod, the Agricultural Department Official forced to resign on Monday after a conservative blogger showed an edited video of the black woman saying she initially didn't give a white farmer all the help she could have to save his farm.  Later, in the full context of the video, it was clear that the incident was 24 years ago, and Sherrod was sharing the incident to show how she learned from her mistakes. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has also apologized and has offered Sherrod her job back.

Hot twoppic of the day is rapper Rick Ross, whose new album "Teflon Don," is tearing up the iTunes charts. However, many will remember "Teflon Don" as mob boss John Gotti's nickname, and Gotti's grandson Carmine Agnello is none too happy about the nickname stealing, telling the New York Daily News, a stand-up, respectable guy would have asked.

Hot twoppic of the week is the oil spill in the Gulf, which may be hit with a tropical storm on Sunday or Monday. Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen. Scientists are still investigating whether the cap is causing leaks underground that could make the sea floor unstable.

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